Project Information

Originally constructed in 1924, the former Schneiders complex became a mainstay in the community. The new development plans to uphold the Schneiders legacy through the creation of a community that is accessible, unique, and complements the existing neighbourhoods within Kitchener.

Development Vision

Surrounded by residential, Kaufman Park and Rockway Golf Course, the Schneider redevelopment project will add to the Mill-Courtland neighbourhood and is only a short drive to downtown Kitchener. Auburn Developments will be transforming the former Schneiders site into a higher density, mixed-use development that will exist in close proximity to two ION Rapid Transit stations.

The mixed-use addition to the neighbourhood will include a range of low, mid and high-rise housing options; street-fronting retail spaces; and opportunities for a diversity of spaces for employment uses. Non-residential uses will include opportunities for retaining and repurposing some of the existing buildings on the site to create distinct, vibrant commercial spaces.

Through new urban streets, a series of parks and plazas, and green infrastructure, the redevelopment will consider sustainable approaches as it concerns site and building design.

Facilitating a



Facilitating a prosperous Kitchener

After sitting vacant for almost 3 years, Auburn Developments became the successful purchaser of the Schneiders plant in October 2017.

Auburn Developments is built on the legacy of the land.

For two successful generations, Auburn Developments’ dynamic and diversified philosophy has made us one of the most successful real estate development companies within southwestern Ontario. As a family business, we believe in building communities that last for generations.

Known within the Region of Waterloo for its redevelopment of the Arrow Lofts on Benton Street in Kitchener and The Barrel Yards community in Uptown Waterloo, Auburn Developments plans to transform this 11-hectare property into “the largest central infill development in the region.”




Kitchener’s industrial legacy

Auburn Developments is committed to preserving the Schneiders legacy. Pay tribute to the Schneiders operation when you enter My Name Is…

Kitchener’s landmark Schneiders plant officially closed its doors for business in February 2015. After ninety years of production, the closing of the plant was the end of an era for the community. For years, the Schneiders property supported thousands of working people and families. It is important that the redevelopment pays homage to the significant role that the Schneiders site had on residents and neighbours in Kitchener and beyond. The Schneiders redevelopment has remarkable potential, and will be transformed by the Kitchener community, for the Kitchener community.

“Schneiders defined Kitchener’s identity in the 20th century. It’s your turn to leave a mark on the next century.”



Unveiling Event

Join us as we celebrate 125 years of local history and the future of the Schneiders redevelopment!

To conclude the My Name Is… naming contest, community members will be invited to the My Name Is… Unveiling Event. Be a part of this monumental celebration that will impact the region for years to come!

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